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Present Futures

Discover a compelling fusion of art and technology at my solo exhibition in Washington DC's District Architecture Center. This exhibtition showcases AI-generated artworks across seven collections aligned with the stages of grief. Transformed onto various mediums using advanced printing, these AI-inspired pieces capture innovation and human emotion.

Marking the sixth anniversary of Hurricane Maria on September 20, 2017, the exhibition offers an opportunity to acquire unique 1/ 1 pieces. A portion of sales will support local Puerto Rican non-profits. Don't miss this profound artistic dialogue, ending in December.

Ricardo J. Rodríguez De Santiago (@bytesandmortar) knows something about AI-generated art. With more than 8,000 digital artworks, you might call him obsessed. He works with text-to-image algorithms to create images, and through advanced printing techniques, these AI-inspired creations find their physical form on various mediums.  For him, AI is a generative tool that is experimental and iterative, even controversial—and that's OK.