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Updated 09/Sept/2023

“Ricardo J. Rodríguez De Santiago: Present Futures” - Exploring Climate Change, and Post-Disaster Narratives, in Puerto Rico.

Washington, DC —  Bytes and Mortar, in collaboration with the District Architecture Center, are pleased to announce "Ricardo J. Rodríguez De Santiago: Present Futures, " an exhibition at the crossroads of AI technology, climate change, and Puerto Rico's future. This exhibition pioneers the fusion of digital and physical art, presenting a platform for exploration and dialogue.

On the sixth anniversary of Hurricane Maria, "Present Futures" embarks on a transformative journey through Puerto Rico's changing landscapes, examining post-disaster responses and resilience. This exhibition facilitates essential conversations about climate change, colonialism, and politics. The collection, generated by AI algorithms and translated into unique physical artworks, envisions urban solutions to rising sea levels and offers a glimpse into the potential near future.

Rodríguez De Santiago's exploration of AI art emerged from curiosity and a commitment to creative innovation. He views AI as a tool that amplifies human creativity and expands artistic boundaries. This collection bridges the digital and tangible worlds, symbolising the adaptability of Puerto Rican communities.

In a time when AI is reshaping the artistic landscape, Ricardo envisions a future where AI proficiency becomes a commonplace skill. "Present Futures" seamlessly blends our present reality with glimpses of artificial potential, prompting viewers to reflect on our journey and the uncharted path ahead.

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Dates: Sept. 12 2023 thru Dec. 20 2023
Location: District Architecture Center - 421 7th St NW, Washington, DC 20004
Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday: 11:00 am–4:00 pm

  • No appointment is necessary; walk-ins are welcome
    A percentage of sales support local nonprofits in Puerto Rico

For more info contact:
Ricardo J. Rodríguez De Santiago, Assoc. AIA LEED-AP
Bytes and Mortar LLC

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