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Digital Creations

A manic conversation between a recovering architect, futurist & digital creator, and a 🤖🦾, exploring the fringes of architecture, tech & Puerto Rican culture. Several CLIP Latent Diffusion-based AI algorithms have hallucinated all images shown below with minimal post-production. 

Alpha Genesis

Ricardo imagines infinite possibilities in his highly creative first collection. The Genesis Alpha collection is an experimental and speculative offering of future-oriented artwork. Ricardo explores new paradigms of the multi-dimensional relationship between humans, technology, and creativity through visual outputs generated by artificial intelligence. Experimenting in AI Images since late 2021, Ricardo’s first collection offers a teaser into ten major subject areas: Other worlds, impossible cities, architects, post-disaster Puerto Rico, spaceships, ruins, sacred spaces, and serene landscapes, among others. Drawing inspiration from his unique experiences in architecture, digital transformation, and innovation, Ricardo creates images that blur the lines between what’s possible through human and machine collaboration. The AI-generated artwork challenges the traditional conception of what we consider art by allowing creators to explore countless iterations of their ideas freely. Each piece explores infinite possibilities in the context of an entirely new medium.

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