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The computer made me do it

Some estimates point out that at least 200 million people are working in construction worldwide. With developing countries wanting to expand their infrastructure works, you'd expect the workforce's volume to be on the rise. However, most highly industrialized markets suffer from a constant need for qualified construction workers to fill their ranks. Increasingly, the construction industry needs more "machines" and a slightly more specialized workforce to build effectively and sustainably. As digital transformation accelerates, it is not unreasonable to suppose that construction workers will suffer some of the effects previously seen in other industries. Now, the notion of job-stealing construction robots might be unfounded, at least in the short term.

Nevertheless, digital literacy can fill this employment gap by "leveling up" our current workforce with knowledge and access to the skills needed to thrive.

I realize I might sound like a broken record discussing the construction industry's inversely proportional relationship between digital transformation and new business practices. It's a subject, along with sustainability, that I'm passionate about and one that I feel that as industry leaders, we need to "walk the walk." Usually, folks point out that "tech" is an overwhelming field and that "we're transitioning to - insert software name here." But these statements miss the point entirely. The transformation does not hinge on turning the "on" switch on some tech or another. Instead, it requires a shift in mindset and acknowledgment that we must: start!

Education, resources, and a culture of open collaboration are all key and somewhat common ingredients in accomplishing progress. However, willpower, courage, humility, and vulnerability are at times of even more importance and seldom discussed as business innovation planning. In that same spirit, I decided to go on a "walkabout" and explore how to quickly develop some thoughts I had on our industry's current digital state.

Naively, I tried having these forthcoming "discussions" with a handful of artificial intelligence solutions. The AI algorithm developed the content of each article or passage based on a simple title/prompt.

This five-part series will explore construction automation, digitalization and productivity, the end of traditional practice, digital construction, and construction technology.

I did some minimal editing to ensure readability. Still, revisions were minimal to preserve the integrity of "my ghost writer's" vision.

After all, the computer made me do it...

You can find the first article here:

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