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article_0011('End Of Architectural Practice')

Although this is ideal from an operational and logistical perspective, it also means that the traditional aspects of architecture, especially drawing, will fade away. The next generation of architects will provide an entirely new type of service. Sources: 5

With the digital delivery of building documentation, individuals will be planning reviews. They are also expected to check them against program-based software. To achieve high-performance buildings, we will help build information models by using app-based maintenance programs. Sources: 5

I have observed that architecture students are interested in the architectural profession's tech side in recent years. They are looking for companies under the direction of architects, entrepreneurs, researchers, builders, and contractors. Some have founded start-ups, studied and generated innovative business models, joined hackathons, taken courses at both architecture and business schools, Sources: 4

The good news for the profession is that a generation of fresh talent calls for new practices, moving away from the traditional guild approach of nearly a century to a new, genuinely creative process. Sources: 4

Parametricism can be seen as a derivative manifestation of this, while parametric design lies purely in adopting digital techniques. Sources: 3 However, it is an architecture that will change its purpose and design and basic research.

In this context, the architects will indeed be the actors themselves. Still, the latter will be redefined in their role as actors in the design process. IoT - i.e., can inspire new client-focused practices adept are balancing the digital and physical experiences effectively.

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So, what are your thoughts on this - far shorter- article? Of the whole series, this is the first one where it's "voice" is in first-person. Still, I am not conviced it would pass the Turing Test! 🤖
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